For Inner Wheel Clubs in Beds, Herts & Bucks

Luton North members enjoying a practical afternoon of a Friendship Picnic and Origami

Harpenden Village Club

At the start of Lockdown members took up the challenge of seeing “how many knitted squares we could produce until we’re allowed out again?”.  

To date six blankets have been made(made up from 294 squares)

Late September Luton North members, met over assorted times to sort and pack 23 Christmas Present Boxes and 50 Christmas Gift Boxes with candles, lavender bags, jewellery and much more, suitable for both female and male Carers to be given as Christmas gifts.

The gifts have now been delivered to the Luton Disability Resource Centre, where staff were overwhelmed, were absolutely delighted to receive the gifts on the Carer’s behalf (shown left)

The Resource Centre supports carers and families in Luton, where there is a dedicated team offering 1:1 support, regular meet-ups with other carers to ensure that people with dependents with any condition and of any age can feel valued and supported.  

A big thank you to members, family, friends and neighbours who generously supplied all the gifts, for all our members who beavered away sorting and packing the gifts

Luton North

Luton North

Thursday 8th October Brenda took a car full of 30 + black bags, filled with knitted teddies, toys, clothes and blankets to ‘Knit for Peace’.

Many thanks to the following clubs:

Wolverton, Ware, Harpenden Village, Luton Chiltern and Letchworth Garden City.  

Knit for Peace

We teddies are sending a Mexican wave

Off on adventures, we must be brave.

Children to comfort, pains to ease

We must raise a smile and aim to please.

Thank you Inner Wheel for all your care

We have blankets galore to keep us warm

As the weather man says there’ll be a storm.

And so we bid you a fond farewell.

Please send us friends to join us soon.

We’ll send you a postcard, our stories to tell.