For Inner Wheel Clubs in Beds, Herts & Bucks

What can Inner Wheel do I hear you ask!  

Well, there are many schemes to plant trees in community spaces this year – North Herts District Council for example are offering hundreds of tress, free of charge, so do check out what is available.  

Encourage your Council/Parish Council and local residents i to plant not only fruit trees but also herbs and vegetables as part of the EDIBLE SPACES initiative that is ‘sprouting up’ all over the country.  

We are finding such spaces in the village children’s play area and in the sports field as well as encouraging the pupils in the local primary school to make the most of their garden.  Planting packets of wild flower seeds anywhere and everywhere would be much appreciated by the bees.

If you are not into gardening why not do some campaigning and write letters to supermarkets asking that they cut back even more on the use of plastic packaging.  

Write to the really BIG companies such as Unilever and ask that they find different ways to package the washing detergents they make and all the other household cleaning products.

Wherever you look on internet sites women are leading the way to combat climate change and protect the planet.  

Inner Wheel should, and MUST be part of this

World Environment Day – June 5th