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Women and Girls exists to provide women and girls in India with sanitary protection that is culturally and geographically sensitive, kind to the environment and the key to helping women and girls be healthier, happier and free to fulfil their potential.

The charity supplies women and girls with two types of sanitary protection: Saakfins™ and Safepads™. Both Saafkins and Safepads are produced in India, meaning they are helping to support the local economy, and both are made of material that is inherently anti-bacterial. This means that the sanitary protection can be washed in dirty water and remains clean and hygienic to use.

By fundraising in the UK to distribute Saafkins and Safepads, we are able to supply women and girls with a product that provides comfort, dignity and freedom because we believe that no one should be held back by the natural process of menstruation.   We are helping to end period poverty in communities where there are no other options.

The Butterfly Tree and Medical Aid Films will be working together with Inner Wheel this year to help prevent malaria.

The Butterfly Tree is a UK charity which works in Zambia raising awareness of malaria and providing practical but innovative help to prevent malaria. Mosquito nets are distributed and there is also an insecticide paint which when used on walls kills the mosquito.

Another development is the use of larvacide granules which, placed in stagnant water, will kill the eggs. Education is also an important part of their strategy with workshops emphasising the importance of being tested and community health workers helping prevent further complications as a result of contracting malaria.

Medical Aid Films produce simple, easy to understand films which work as a really effective learning tool for people. In Zimbabwe, three Medical Aid Films dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria are being made available for people to share for free, courtesy of Econet Wireless, on their mobile phones, thus helping to save lives. The films are produced in a number of languages.

Is a United Kingdom based charity focused on providing horse-riding and carriage driving lessons to people with both developmental and physical disabilities.

RDA is committed to providing life-changing experiences for the disabled children and adults across the UK

IIW Lebanon Appeal